Lazz Dates (Premixed Goat Milk and Dates)


Highlight the Natural Goodness (Orgamilk) and the power of Combination between Goat Milk and Dates. Does not contain any synthetic vitamins, mineral, or even anticaking agent.


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Product Benefit
  • Organic and non-gmo powdered goat milk with dates and has NO goaty taste
  • Contains organic goat milk premixed with dates extract which naturally rich of goodness and the reasons why we choose dates is because it is less allergic and contains iron for daily intake
  • Contains extract from dates
  • Suitable for all ages from 2 years old till grow up
  • Organically imported from Holland and non-gmo added
How to Use 3/4 scoop for 180 ml warm water
Ingredients 100% goat milk powder and non-gm with extract dates

Additional Info

Origin Malaysia
Product type Milk Powder
Packaging Size 210mm(H) x 160mm(L) x 60mm(W)
Packaging Weight 0.550kg
Quantity per carton 12 unit(s)
Carton Size 365mm(H) x 370mm(L) x 235mm(W)
Weight per carton 7.0kg
Minimum Order 1 carton(s)
Shelf life 2 year(s)
Certificates Halal, Mesti, GMP


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